Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp, Insect Trap, Bug Zapper For Indoor Outdoor Home Use

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Efficiently eliminate insects with the Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp. This versatile insect trap and bug zapper is perfect for indoor and outdoor home use. Safe, eco-friendly, and easy to use, it provides effective pest control for a comfortable living environment.

About This Item:

  • 360° Coverage: Effectively kills mosquitoes in all directions.
  • Attraction Area: Covers up to 35m² (approximately 60m attraction range).
  • Environmentally Safe: Contains no hazardous substances.
  • Harmless to People, Pets, and Plants: Built-in lamp poses no risk.
  • Efficient and Energy-Saving: Utilizes a fitting tube that emits special ultraviolet waves.
  • Safety Notes:
    • Do not use inflammable or explosive areas.
    • Read the instructions before use.
    • Avoid touching the electric net.
    • High Voltage: Handle with care.

Model: JY-6-D
Rated Power: 11 W
Rated Voltage: 220V~50/60Hz
Size: 22.86x 13.21cm
Certifications: CE, ROHS

Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp Killing Mosquitoes.

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