Replaceable Cleaning Brush Cloths - Disposable Wipes Cloths, 50 Pcs/Set

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Discover the convenience of Replaceable Cleaning Brush Cloths made from pearl non-woven fabric. These disposable wipes cloths offer efficient cleaning and easy disposal, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for your cleaning tools.

About this item:

  • Replaceable Design: Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with replaceable brush cloths made from pearl non-woven fabric, ensuring efficient dirt removal and quick cleanup.
  • Disposable Wipes: These cloths are designed for single-use convenience, allowing you to dispose of them after each cleaning session, promoting hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Pearl Non-woven Fabric: Crafted from high-quality pearl non-woven fabric, these cloths offer effective dirt and dust removal while being gentle on surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without scratches.
  • Compatible with Replaceable Cleaning Brush: Designed to be used with replaceable cleaning brush, these cloths enhance the functionality of your cleaning tools, ensuring optimum performance and convenience.
Material: Pearl non-woven fabric
Quantity: 50pcs/set

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