Multi Layer Auto Scrolling Stackable Egg Rack

Size: 2 Layer
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Effortlessly organize and access your eggs with the Auto-Scrolling Stackable Egg Rack. This innovative egg holder features a space-efficient design and convenient auto-scrolling function.

About this product:

  • Space-Saving Egg Storage: Say goodbye to cluttered egg storage. Our egg rack maximizes space utilization, keeping your eggs neatly organized.
  • Auto-Scrolling Function: With each removal of an egg, the auto-scrolling feature ensures the next egg smoothly takes its place. No more manual shuffling.
  • Egg Access at Your Fingertips: Easily access the freshest eggs without searching or reorganizing. The auto-scrolling mechanism simplifies egg retrieval.
  • See-Through Design: The transparent material allows you to see how many eggs you have left, preventing unexpected shortages.
  • Efficient Food Organization: Our egg rack brings order to your kitchen, ensuring that you never run out of eggs when you need them.

3 Layer Capacity: 54 eggs
2 Layer Capacity: 36 eggs

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