Kitchen Dish Drying Rack

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Optimize your kitchen with our 3 Tier Metallic Dish Rack, a space-efficient solution for drying dishes, organizing kitchen essentials, and maximizing storage. Crafted from scratch and rust-resistant carbon steel, this versatile dish rack simplifies kitchen organization. Shop now for efficient kitchen storage.

About This Item: 

  • Three-Tiered Design: This metallic dish rack offers three levels of storage, providing ample space for dishes, cutlery, and kitchen essentials. It includes convenient holders for cutlery and chopping boards, helping you keep everything organized.
  • Scratch and Rust Resistant: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, this rack is designed to resist scratches and rust, ensuring a long-lasting and pristine appearance.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Maximize your kitchen space by utilizing vertical storage with this compact and efficient dish rack, making it an ideal dish rack and storage solution.
  • Efficient Kitchen Organization: Keep your kitchen tidy and organized with this multi-tiered storage solution, ideal for drying and storing dishes and utensils.
  • Detachable Drain Tray: The rack features a detachable drain tray that collects water falling from the dishes, making cleanup a breeze.

Material: Stainless Steel
2 Tier Size: 53x 23x 40cm
3 Tier Size: 53x 23.5x 61cm

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