Adjustable AC Deflector for Split AC

Width: 100 CM
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Optimize your indoor comfort with our Adjustable AC Deflector for Split AC. Control airflow, reduce drafts, and create a more pleasant environment. No more uncomfortable blasts of cold air—discover adjustable cooling for healthier living. Explore our AC unit air deflector and air conditioner air diverter for a superior cooling experience.
About this item:

  • No-Drill Installation: Effortlessly assemble and disassemble without drilling. Keep your AC unit clean and efficient with easy maintenance.
  • Customizable Airflow: Achieve personalized comfort with our movable buckle design. Say goodbye to uncomfortable drafts and direct cold air. Use our AC unit deflector and AC air diverter for precise cooling control.
  • Cold Prevention: Shield yourself from nighttime chills with the included baffle, redirecting airflow for a cozier sleep. Our air conditioner air deflector ensures a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Telescopic Design: Our AC deflector's telescopic feature allows you to customize its width, fitting AC units up to 103 cm wide. Enjoy flexibility in directing airflow.

Color: White
Size: 17 cm x (53 cm to 103 cm) adjustable
Suitable for split AC

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