Adjustable Home Office Under Desk Raised Massage Footrest, Tilting Stress Relief Slanted Foot Support

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Enhance your workspace comfort with our Adjustable Home Office Under Desk Raised Massage Footrest. Achieve optimal sitting posture, relieve stress, and enjoy a soothing foot massage surface. A versatile addition for home and office, it's designed to elevate your productivity and well-being.

About this Item:

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Elevate your feet to an ergonomic height, promoting blood circulation and correct sitting posture, reducing stress, shoulder, and back discomfort.
  • Massage Bliss: Featuring a massage surface with round bumps and rollers, this footrest stimulates foot acupuncture points, enhancing blood flow and alleviating foot fatigue during extended work sessions.
  • Customized Comfort: With adjustable height and angle options, you can easily tailor this footrest to your preferred sitting position, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.
  • Posture Perfect: Ideal for children, this ergonomic accessory helps maintain a healthy learning posture, fostering comfortable and productive seated sessions.

Material: PP
Size: 43 x 32 x 20 cm

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