Airtight Cereal Storage Containers - Moisture-Proof Sealed Cans with Rotation Lock

Size: 600ML
Color: Grey
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Upgrade your kitchen storage game with the Airtight Cereal Storage Containers. These moisture-proof sealed cans, featuring a convenient rotation lock, keep your cereals fresh and your pantry impeccably organized.

About this item:

  • Airtight Seal: Preserve the freshness of your cereals with a reliable airtight seal that locks in flavor and quality.
  • Moisture-Proof Design: Prevent staleness and maintain the crispiness of your cereals for a delightful breakfast experience.
  • Well-sealed and Moist Proof: The innovative slider design and embedded seal ring provide watertight and gas-tight sealing, keeping your food dry and completely sealed for optimal freshness.
  • Screw Button Lids: The unique rotating seal design, with durable ABS plastic lids, ensures a fresh seal with a gentle 90° turn. Built to last, these containers offer long-term food storage.

Material: Plastic + ABS

S Size: 11.5cm 7.5cm
M Size: 11.5x 15.5cm 
L Size: 11.5x 22.8cm

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