Airtight Grain Storage Box, Rice Storage Container, Rice Bucket For Kitchen

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Keep your grains fresh and your kitchen organized with our Airtight Grain Storage Box. This Rice Storage Container, also known as a Rice Bucket, is designed to maintain the freshness of your rice and other grains while keeping them easily accessible in the kitchen. With its airtight seal, durable construction, and ample capacity. Say goodbye to stale grains and hello to organized kitchen bliss!

About This Item:

  • High Quality: Crafted from premium materials for long-lasting use. Features airtight lid to preserve grain freshness.
  • Transparent Design: Modern and minimalist transparent bottle adds elegance to your kitchen. Allows easy monitoring of storage levels for convenient refilling.
  • Clamshell Design: Snap lid and clamshell design provide easy access to stored food items. Airtight lid ensures grain freshness.
  • Wide Application: A versatile food dispenser suitable for storing various dry foods and grains such as rice, flour, nuts, beans, corn, coffee beans, and snacks.

Size: 5Kg. 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg

Material:  Food Grade PP

Airtight Grain Storage Box of Different Sizes.

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