ANKER Charger 3x Faster with USB‐C ‐ Power Extended 3 USB‐C Strip A9136K21

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Power up your devices faster than ever with the Anker Charger. Featuring advanced USB-C technology, this charger delivers up to three times faster charging speeds than standard chargers. With three USB-C ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it the perfect power solution for your home or office.

About this item:

  • Power Delivery: Experience fast and efficient charging with the Anker Charger, equipped with Power Delivery technology.
  • Connected Equipment Warranty: Rest assured with our warranty program that covers your connected devices for upto 25,000 USD in case of damage due to power surges or electrical faults.
  • 7 Safety Point System: Our charger is built with a comprehensive safety system, providing protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and more, ensuring safe and reliable charging every time.
  • Protects Against Power Surges: Safeguard your devices from sudden voltage spikes with our charger's surge protection feature, offering peace of mind during charging.
Brand: Anker
Model number: A9136K21
AC input: 250V AC 50/60Hz 13A
AC output: 250V AC 50/60Hz 13A 2860W
USB‐A output: 5V = 2.4A
USB‐C output: 5V = 3A/9V =2A

Package includes:
Powers strip with 3 AC outlets
2 USB port
USB‐C port
2m cable 
18 month limited warranty

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