Baby Fence Playpen, Hexagonal Baby Ball Pool, Safe Enclosure for Infant Playtime

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Create a safe and stimulating play area for your little one with our hexagonal baby fence playpen along with balls(Set of 29). This versatile enclosure doubles as a ball pool, providing endless entertainment and exploration opportunities for infants. Crafted with safety in mind, our playpen offers a secure environment for your baby to play and learn, giving you peace of mind. Explore our range today!

About This Item:

    • Safety Enclosure: Provides a secure and confined space for infants to play safely without the risk of wandering off or getting into hazardous areas.
    • Hexagonal Design: The unique hexagonal shape offers spaciousness and allows for better visibility and interaction from all angles.
    • Convertible Ball Pool: Baby Playpen with Colorful Balls Transforms into a fun and engaging ball pool by adding colorful balls, offering sensory stimulation and entertainment for babies.
    • Easy Assembly: Simple assembly process with no tools required, making setup quick and hassle-free for busy parents.
    • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various activities including play, napping, or containment during diaper changes, providing a multifunctional solution for parents.
    • Attractive Design: Stylish and modern aesthetics complement any home décor while creating an inviting space for your baby to enjoy.

    Size: 125x 125x 55cm
    Material: Polyster, Plastic.

    Package includes: 
    Play Fence Playpen
    29 Balls

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