Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - Smart Digital Scale for Accurate Weight, Syncs with Smartphone App

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Elevate your health and wellness journey with our advanced Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. Safely designed with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Technology, it delivers precise measurements and connects seamlessly with fitness apps. Discover clear results with a stylish design. Achieve your fitness goals and track your progress with this all-in-one smart scale. 

About this item:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our scale employs a state-of-the-art CD pattern electrode slice process, using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for advanced precision.
  • Safety First: Rounded corners, tempered glass, and anti-skid padding ensure safe and secure usage.
  • Clear Display: Easily read your measurements on the bright LED display for quick insights into your progress.
  • All-Inclusive: This smart scale offers essential features, including Bluetooth connectivity, tracking 12 body measurements, goal setting, sync with popular fitness apps, and the ability to accommodate unlimited users.
  • Track Your Journey: Stay motivated by tracking and exporting your data effortlessly to chart your path to wellness. Achieve your fitness and health goals with ease.
Material: Tempered Glass, ABS 
Size: 26x 26cm
Display Method: LCD
Weighing Range: 0.2 - 180kg
Mobile App Name:  okok App


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