Child Safety Harness Leash - Anti-Lost Wrist Link for Kids, Toddler Walking Strap

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Ensure your child's safety with our Child Safety Harness Leash, featuring an Anti-Lost Wrist Link for toddlers and kids. Explore worry-free outdoor adventures.

About this Item: 

  • Key Lock Safety Feature: Secure your child with the magnet lock feature, preventing accidental separation.
  • Anti-Lost Design: The wrist link securely connects your child's wrist to yours, preventing accidental wandering in crowded places.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're at a busy amusement park, shopping center, or just taking a walk, this child safety harness is an essential tool to keep your child close.
  • Durable Acrylic Material: Built to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting security.
  • Anti-Lost Wrist Link: Keep your child connected and prevent wandering in crowded spaces.

Material: Plastic, Steel Wire
Maximum Length:  150cm.


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