Cling Film Wrap, Transparent Foil Wrap, Cling Roll For Food Storage

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Discover our transparent cling film plastic wrap, perfect for preserving food freshness. Made from food-grade PE material, it offers high temperature resistance up to 110℃ and low temperature resistance down to -60℃. With a snug fit, strong adsorption, and high toughness, it ensures secure wrapping and long-lasting freshness for your food items.

About This Item:

  • Food grade PE material: Safe for food use, non-toxic
  • High temp resistance: Withstands up to 110℃
  • Low temp resistance: Functional down to -60℃
  • Snug fit: Conforms tightly for secure seal
  • Strong adsorption: Firmly sticks without slipping
  • High toughness: Resists tearing or puncturing
  • Long-lasting freshness: Preserves food by sealing out air and moisture

Size: 150mx 30cm
Material: Food Grade PE

Meat and Strawberry Is Wrapped Using Cling Film Wrap.

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