Door Sealing Tape, Insectproof, Windproof, Soundproof, Dustproof Door Window Seal Strip

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Silicone Seal Strip: This extended silicone weather stripping tape offers a prolonged solution for your sealing needs, measuring 4.5 cm in width and extending up to 5 meters in length.

Versatile Functionality: Acting as a comprehensive barrier, this weather stripping silicone rubber effectively guards your home against wind, dust, noise, water, insects, and more. It also serves as a cushioning belt, strategically installed on glass doors or windows to mitigate damage from collisions. This silicone seal strip is particularly adept at anti-collision, providing valuable protection for sliding doors, glass doors, door bottoms, aluminum windows, and furniture.

Flexible and Enduring: Crafted from eco-friendly silicon material, this weather stripping silicone rubber is non-toxic, lightweight, and durable—ideal for household use. Its remarkable flexibility ensures resilience against the elements, resisting damage from both sunlight and rain, offering you peace of mind in its prolonged use.

Quick and Effortless Installation: With a swift two-minute installation process, simply wipe away dust before use. After cutting the silicone weather stripping to size, match it with the required length for your doors or windows, and then apply it to the clean surface by peeling off the adhesive protective paper.

Robust Adhesive: Featuring a powerful adhesive backing, this silicone seal strip adheres securely, ensuring a long-lasting performance. Its adhesion is so strong that it can even stick to a mobile phone without letting it fall off. Unaffected by rain and suitable for wet areas, this silicone seal strip remains effective in extreme weather conditions without succumbing to damage.

Material: Silicone
Size: 4.5 CM x 5 Meters

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