ECOCO Nail-free Stainless Steel Hook Cabinet Door Back Hanger

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Optimize your space and stay organized with the versatile Hanging Stainless Steel Door Hook, perfect for hotels, guesthouses, and common family bathrooms. Hang bags, clothes, towels, and more with this durable stainless steel door hook. Keep your space tidy and practical with this sleek and efficient organization solution.

About this item: 

  • Versatile Hanging: Easily hang various items, including bags, clothes, and towels, making it a practical addition to any space.
  • Stainless Steel Durability: Crafted from stainless steel, this hook is built to last, offering quick demolition, and long-term convenience.
  • Quick Installation: Enjoy the convenience of quick and hassle-free installation, making it a practical and portable solution.
  • Efficient Organization: Keep your belongings neat and accessible, enhancing the functionality of your space.

Material: Carbon Steel, PS
Weight: ~ 600g

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