Egg Pan 2 in 1, Heat Resistant Handle, Perfect pan for Breakfast, Egg, Pancake

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Revolutionize your breakfast routine with our versatile kitchen essentials. Its dual compartments allow you to cook two different types of eggs simultaneously, saving time and space in the kitchen. 

About this item: 

  • Dual Compartment Design: Our egg pan features two separate compartments, allowing you to cook two different types of eggs simultaneously. Prepare sunny-side-up eggs in one compartment while scrambling eggs in the other – the choice is yours!
  • Non-Stick Surface: Enjoy hassle-free cooking and cleanup with our pan's high-quality non-stick surface. Say goodbye to stuck-on eggs and hello to effortless release and easy cleaning.
  • Versatile Cooking: This pan is designed with 3 compartments that allow you to cook different food items at the same time, without mixing flavors or aromas. You can grill, fry, anything you want, from meat, eggs, and vegetables to pancakes and pizza. 
  • Ergonomic Handle: The pan features an ergonomic handle designed for comfort and safety. It remains cool to the touch during cooking, reducing the risk of burns and ensuring a secure grip.

Material: Marble non-stick coating
Size: 19x 23cm

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