Handy Underwear & Small Garment Storage Bag for Travel

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Stay organized while traveling with our Handy Underwear and Small Garment Storage Bag. This versatile travel bag, also known as a small garment pouch, keeps your intimates and small apparel neatly packed during your journeys.

About this item: 

  • Versatile Travel Companion: This multi-functional bag is perfect for storing your underwear, lingerie, socks, and other small garments while on the go.
  • Compact & Efficient: Designed to save space in your luggage or carry-on, this travel pouch helps you keep your essentials organized.
  • Convenient Size: This pouch makes it a suitable choice for frequent travelers, and it's often referred to as an underwear organizer.
  • Intimate Wear Keeper: It's not just a bag; it's your travel companion for keeping your delicate wearables in order.
  • Worry-Free Packing: With this bag, you can keep your underwear and small apparel neatly packed and easily accessible during your journeys.
  • Travel Light: Whether you call it a small garment pouch or an underwear organizer, it's a must-have for those who travel frequently.

Material: TPU+Nylon+Spandex
Size: 25 x 13 cm.

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