Home Garden Ivy Leaf Fence - Plastic Artificial Expandable Plant for Balcony, Garden

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Elevate your outdoor space with our Home Garden Ivy Leaf Fence. This artificial expandable plant adds a touch of greenery to your balcony, garden, or any area. Enjoy the beauty of lush ivy leaves without the need for maintenance or watering, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in your home garden.

About This Item:

  • Artificial Ivy Leaf Fence: Bring the beauty of nature to your outdoor space with our artificial ivy leaf fence. The realistic design and vibrant green color create a charming and welcoming environment in your garden, balcony, or any outdoor setting.
  • Expandable and Adjustable: The ivy leaf fence is designed to be expandable and adjustable, allowing you to customize its size to fit your specific space requirements. Create privacy, add greenery, and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area effortlessly.
  • No Maintenance Required: Enjoy the beauty of ivy leaves without the hassle of maintenance. This artificial plant requires no watering, trimming, or sunlight, making it a convenient and practical choice for busy homeowners who still want a lush garden atmosphere.

Expandable Range: 50-200cm
Height: 120-87cm.

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