Kids Soft Silicone Shower Brush - Deep Pore Cleaning, Exfoliating Skin Care Tool, and Baby Cradle Cap Brush [3 Pcs]

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Elevate bath time with our Kids Soft Silicone Shower Brush. This versatile and gentle skin care tool is perfect for deep pore cleaning, exfoliation, and baby cradle cap care. Discover gentle, effective skincare for kids and the whole family.

About this item: 

  • Gentle Bath Companion: Our Kids Soft Silicone Shower Brush is designed for kids of all ages, ensuring a comfortable and soothing bath experience.
  • Deep Pore Cleaning: This versatile brush is perfect for deep pore cleaning, helping to remove dirt, oil, and impurities for healthier skin.
  • Exfoliating Magic: Experience the benefits of exfoliation as this brush gently removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed.
  • Baby Cradle Cap Care: Specifically designed for infants, this brush is a gentle solution for cradle cap, helping to remove flakes and promote a healthy scalp.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: Crafted from soft and flexible silicone, it's safe for kids and eco-conscious, ensuring a responsible choice for your family.

Contains: 3 Pcs
Material: Silicone
Size: 4.5x 6cm

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