Kitchen Cabinet Door Wall Mounted Hanging Trash Can

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Upgrade your kitchen's cleanliness and organization with the Kitchen Cabinet Door Wall Mounted Hanging Trash Can, which can also be known as a waste bin, garbage container, or rubbish bin. This innovative kitchen accessory provides a practical solution for convenient waste disposal.

About This Item: 

  • Space-Saving Design: Maximize your kitchen space by mounting this versatile container on the cabinet door or wall, keeping it out of the way while remaining easily accessible.
  • Hygienic Waste Disposal: Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen counters and welcome a more hygienic and efficient method of disposing food scraps and trash.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up this hanging container is a breeze, making it a hassle-free addition to your kitchen.
  • Clean and Tidy Kitchen: Maintain a clean and organized kitchen by simplifying waste disposal and minimizing mess.

Capacity: 9 L
Material: Polypropylene, Plastic.

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