Kitchen Sink Splash Guard - Water-Resistant Backsplash with Suction Cup

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Elevate your kitchen's cleanliness with our Water-Resistant Kitchen Sink Splash Guard. Featuring a charming banana leaf design, this splash protector adds a fresh touch to your culinary space. With easy suction cup installation, it ensures your cooking experience remains clean and hassle-free.

About this Item: 

  • Banana Leaf Freshness: Our Kitchen Sink Splash Guard boasts a delightful banana leaf shape, infusing a dash of nature into your kitchen.
  • Enhanced Splash Defense: This baffle is your barrier against unwanted splashes, ensuring your dress stays dry.
  • Sturdy Suction: Four built-in suction cups establish a secure grip on a variety of smooth countertop surfaces, simplifying the setup process.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for most standard sinks, this splash guard is versatile and can be effectively used in bathroom sinks to prevent splashing.

Material: PP+TPR.
Size: 49x 6x 11cm.

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