Mattress Lifter - Bed Making Tool for Back Pain Relief and Easy Sheet Changes

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Elevate your bedding experience with the Mattress Lifter, your go-to bed-making tool for back pain relief and hassle-free sheet adjustments. Discover a smarter way to maintain your mattress, make your bed effortlessly, and keep your back happy.

About this Item: 

  • Effortless Bed Making: The Mattress Lifter simplifies the process, allowing you to reposition your mattress with ease and say farewell to back discomfort.
  • Sheet Changes Made Simple: Tucking sheets and blankets has never been this effortless; the lifter ensures a well-made bed every time.
  • Ergonomic Design: Featuring comfortable, rounded handles that prioritize your finger and palm safety, making bed management a breeze.
  • Multi-Functional Solution: Not just for mattress lifting; it also serves as a sheet retainer, keeping your bedding perfectly in place.

Material: ABS
Size: 28x 9.25x 6.85cm.

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