Modern Rocking Chairs with Leg Rest - Recliner Armchair Sofa for Living Room and Bedroom Comfort

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Elevate your relaxation with Modern Rocking Chairs sofa. Designed for comfort, these recliner armchairs offer a serene retreat in your living room or bedroom.

About this item:

  • Tumbler Can Swing Design: Offering a safe 30° forward and 15° backward swivel angle, these chairs allow effortless rocking without any safety concerns. Backrest and footrest angles provide a customizable rocking experience.
  • Comfortable and Multifunctional: Whether on the patio, garden, terrace, or poolside, these lightweight rocking chairs offer the ideal way to relax. The gentle rocking motion ensures well-deserved comfort and leisure, making them a versatile addition to your living room or bedroom.
  • Elevate Your Comfort: These modern rocking chairs with leg rests are crafted for superior comfort, offering a soothing rocking motion that helps you unwind in style.
  • Relaxation and Style: Enjoy the combination of relaxation and style with these recliner armchairs that blend seamlessly with modern and contemporary interior designs.
  • Ideal for Reading and Napping: Create a cozy corner for reading your favorite books or taking a well-deserved nap with these rocking chairs, designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Material: Linen Fabric, Steel.  
Size: 60x 113x 56cm.

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