Multifunctional Kitchen Drain Bowl

Color: Pink
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Elevate your kitchen tasks with the Multifunctional Kitchen Drain Bowl, also known as a versatile food strainer, efficient washing and draining bowl, and stylish kitchen colander. This humanized design features a honeycomb drainage net, making it perfect for washing, and draining. Shop now for a multifunctional kitchen essential."

About This Item:

  • Humanized Design: The bowl's slender drainage holes incorporate a honeycomb drainage net, ensuring food remains contained while making draining and handling more convenient.
  • Versatile Usage: From washing vegetables, fruits, and pasta to serving and defrosting food, this drain bowl handles it all with ease.
  • Efficient Soak, Wash & Drain: The bowl allows you to soak, wash, and efficiently drain water with its ample drainage holes, making it ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks.

Material: Plastic.

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