Nail Gun Riveting Tool - Wall Fastener, Pneumatic Concrete Nailer Machine

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Achieve precise riveting with the Nail Gun Riveting Tool. This versatile pneumatic concrete nailer machine offers adjustable strength, a silent operation, and industrial-grade components. Ideal for various materials like red brick and concrete walls.

About this item:

  • Customizable Strength: This pneumatic concrete nailer machine delivers adjustable strength across five levels, ensuring controlled power and efficient penetration on different surfaces.
  • Industrial-Grade Durability: Crafted with a robust industrial-grade spring, the tool maintains resilience and elasticity even after high-temperature heat treatment, guaranteeing lasting performance.
  • Silent Operation: Experience reduced noise during operation with the tool's dual silencer and noise reduction cover, providing quieter performance.
  • Non-Stick Design: With alloy needles, this tool prevents nail jamming, ensuring a smooth and continuous riveting experience.
  • Ergonomic and Portable: Designed with an ergonomic anti-slip handle, it's easy to grip and operate with one hand. Its compact structure and included plastic box facilitate portability.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for various tasks, including riveting on red brick walls, concrete walls, aluminum conduits, and thick wooden boards.
  • Package includes: Nail gun, 10pcs nail, Converter, Accessories package, Cleaning brush, protective glasses, Storage box

Material: ABS, metal
Size: 33.5x 11x 3.7cm


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