Portable Air Cooler Diffuser Desk Fan with Night Lamp and Timer

Color: White
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✅ Direction and wind speed adjustable (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH)
✅ 1H/2H/3H Automatic Off time setting
✅ Low or no noise working, suitable for office desk
✅ 7 color night lights: Has 7 color adjustable night lights and a fade choice

- 3D spiral cut fan blade, effectively improving air efficiency
- With the function of humidification and refrigeration, it can cool down instantly
- Easy to clean, or shift from one place to another
- Suitable for office, bedroom, kitchen etc.

Size: 21 x 9 x 26 cm
Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A
Power Rating: 10W
Interface Type: USB Type-C
Water Tank Capacity: 600ml
Spray Time: 2.5-12 hours
Weight: ~ 700g

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