Portable Folding Steam Tent Spa Room, Sauna Generator Cabin Box

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PORTABLE SAUNA ROOM: When used with a steam generator, this sauna aids in reducing tension, fatigue, and stress—an effective method for achieving youthful and slim-looking skin.

ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS: This portable sauna also serves as a private shelter for changing clothes, taking a shower, using the restroom, and more, whether at the beach or during camping.

USER-FRIENDLY: The double-sided zipper facilitates easy entry and exit, allowing you to use it with friends or family. Enjoy a full-body sauna spa or focus on a foot spa, depending on your preference.

APPLICATION: Suitable for individuals experiencing sub-health, postpartum recovery, body shaping or slimming, muscle aches, shoulder, neck, waist, and knee joint discomfort, as well as those dealing with sleeplessness and high mental stress.

Benefits of Steam Sauna:
1. Facilitates weight loss and burns calories.
2. Relaxes tired and aching muscles, alleviating joint and muscle pains.
3. Improves circulation, promoting healthy skin.
4. Rapidly relieves arthritis and rheumatism, reducing pressure and tension for a restful sleep.

Material: Polyester (waterproof)

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