Portable Hair Shampoo Basin, Hair Washing Sink with Strap and Removable Drain Tube for Pregnant, Elderly

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Universal Shampoo Bowl: Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and others who are inconvenient are all targeted. Pregnant women don't have to bend or wash their hair, and they don't have to be concerned about oppressing the fetus.

Foldable and Hanging Design: It has a press and fold design, with a thickness of 3 inches after folding, is light and thin, takes up little room, can be hung, and is convenient to transport.

No Accumulation: The drain pipe connects directly to the floor drain, which is convenient. You can drain the water into a large pool or sink nearby.

High-Quality Materials: Easy to wear front buckle design, folding layer, neck, fish tail, fin, soft TPE, comfortable to wear.

Easy to use: It's easy for pregnant women to wear and drain thanks to the front and back buckle designs, and there's no pressure on the shoulder and neck.

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