Portable Hair Wash Basin Tub for Washing Hair

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Discover the practicality and comfort of the Portable Hair Wash Basin Bowl tray Tub, an indispensable solution for hair washing that provides versatility and convenience. This portable basket is best suited for various scenarios, making it an essential tool for:

About This Item:

  • Hair Washing Made Easy: This portable basin tub is designed for effortless hair washing, whether at home or in a salon, allowing you to maintain cleanliness and comfort during the process.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for individuals who require hair washing assistance due to mobility issues, it's a versatile solution that ensures easy access and efficient hair care.
  • Easy to Use: The portable design allows for hassle-free setup and use, making hair washing more accessible and comfortable.
  • Comfortable Design: The tub is designed for maximum comfort, featuring an ergonomic shape that supports the neck and head while keeping water contained.
  • Designed for diverse needs, this Portable Hair Wash Basin Tub ensures comfortable and accessible hair washing for bedridden patients, the elderly, pregnant women, post-surgery patients, and children.

Product size: 48 x 35 x 12 cm
Neck height: 8 cm
Material: ABS

Package contents:
1 x shampoo basin
1 x tube
1 x water blocking plug.

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