Portable Mini Travel Carry Pill Box, One Week to take Medicine Reminder

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Functional and Scientific Design: Featuring an independent small compartment with an easy-to-use snap design, our product ensures convenience and a strong seal, minimizing moisture deterioration.

Alarm Setting Convenience: Our smart timing system provides warm reminders through multiple daily alarms, aiding those who may forget to take medication on time and promoting overall health.

Portability with Style: The cute shell design and lightweight plastic material make our product easy to carry, fitting effortlessly into bags or pockets without taking up much space.

Simplified Setup, Programming, and Security: With a user-friendly interface requiring only a few buttons, our product is easy to operate, catering to users of all ages, including children and the elderly. The intelligent time display screen effectively reminds users of their medication schedule.

Transparent Visual Medicine Box: The transparent design allows for easy visibility of the medicine box, facilitating the removal and placement of different medications. Crafted from smooth-touch plastic, it enhances the overall user experience.

Portable/light weight/travel size
Power supply: LR44 button battery 1PCS
Size: 9×5×2cm
Material: ABS

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