Powerology Electric Screwdriver Kit - 48 Bits with 62 Functions for Smartphone, Laptop

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Revolutionize your toolkit with the Powerology Electric Screwdriver Kit. Featuring 48 bits and 62 versatile functions, this electric screwdriver is perfect for smartphone, camera, and laptop repairs. Experience precision and efficiency in every DIY project with this comprehensive and adaptable screw-driving solution.

About This Item:

  • 48 Bits, 62 Functions: Empower your repair endeavors with a comprehensive set of 48 bits, providing a total of 62 functions tailored for smartphone and laptop maintenance.
  • Precision for Electronics: Navigate intricate electronics with ease, ensuring precision and control for delicate tasks like smartphone and laptop repairs.
  • Efficient Magnetic Design: The magnetic bits offer a secure hold, preventing slips and guaranteeing smooth screw insertion and removal for delicate gadgets.
  • Adjustable Torque Control: Customize torque settings to match the demands of various materials and screw sizes, ensuring optimal performance in every repair.
  • USB Charging: Stay powered up efficiently with USB charging, eliminating the hassle of disposable batteries and ensuring a sustainable, cost-effective solution.
  • Versatile Applications: From smartphone screen replacements to laptop upgrades, this kit is designed to handle a wide range of repair tasks with efficiency and precision.
Material: Aluminum Shell 
Size: 22.3x 10.7x 2.6 cm
Battery: 350 mAh Lithium 
Input: 3.7V 
Working Time: 1 Hour 
Re-Charge Time: 50 Minutes 
Speed: 200 RPM 
Standby: 30 Days

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