Scan Translator Pen, Scanner, Voice & Language Translator Device

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Discover the ultimate Scan Translator Pen. Effortlessly scan text, translate languages, and utilize vocal translation with this innovative Text Scanner Pen. Streamline your language needs with ease.

About This Item:

    • Integrates image stitching, OCR, text translation, voice and other technologies.
    • Scan Translation: Instantly translates scanned text into multiple languages, facilitating efficient communication across linguistic barriers.
    • Phonetic Translation: Provides phonetic equivalents for translated text, aiding pronunciation and comprehension for language learners or individuals with reading difficulties.
    • Photo Translation: Allows translation of text captured from photos, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users on the go.
    • Text Excerpt: Enables the extraction of specific text from scanned documents or images, allowing users to focus on relevant information.
    Size: 14.6x 3.2x 0.9cm
    Capacity: 820mAh
    Screen size: 2.5"
    Charge interface: Type-C
    Material: ABS

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