Silicone Bath Rubbing Strap

Color: Purple
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  • Environmentally pleasant and simple to clean rubbing artifact silicone bath towel bathing back massage bath brush back rubbing strip.
  • Our Silicone Bath Body Brush is composed of food-grade silicone, making it soft, healthful, and comfortable to use. Provide you with a positive user experience.
  • The silicone long handle body brush can exfoliate and remove dead skin while also stimulating body circulation, leaving your skin soft and smooth.
  • The silicone scrapper has a back massage dot pattern that can be used to massage the cervical vertebra and back, relieving fatigue.
  • The Silicone Bath Brush softens your hair, is gentle on your skin, and is easy to use on a daily basis. Suitable for a variety of age groups, including youngsters, the elderly, men, and women.

Material: Silicone

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