300 Meters Distance Wireless Smart Door Bell

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✅ 36 tunes
✅ Multiple volume options
✅ Wireless
✅ New & smart style

1. 300 meters long distance, adjustable tone can change ringing tune, prevent string noise is not wrong and simple installation.

2. Indicator, receiver, volume key, selection key, laher button.

3. Receiving distance to the Air-to-Ground linear distance can reach 300 meters, distance barrier-free 300 meters penetration, robust penetration performance, receiving distance to the Air-to-Ground linear distance can reach 300 meters.

Note: The actual received signal's visual surroundings changes, and different signals are received as a result of barriers.

4. Easy to install: Press the button to ring the bell in the room, plug in the receiver that was put in the room, the receiver intelligently flashes, and the bell lights up.

5. Music choice: 36 music, multiple volume. Power supply voltage: receiver supports AC 100-240V voltage Exchange doorbell: Launcher uses a 12V23A battery, the receiver directly inserts electricity.

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