Dumpling Dough Mold Kitchen Gadgets - Stainless Steel Dumpling Wrapper Maker, Rolling Peeler For Kitchen

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Effortlessly craft perfect dumpling wrappers with our stainless steel dumpling wrapper maker. This circle cutter machine ensures uniform dough circles for consistently shaped dumplings every time. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with this durable and efficient tool for making delicious homemade dumplings with ease.

About This Item:

  • Versatile tool suitable for pastries, breads, cookies, biscuits, tarts, mini pizzas, and more.
  • Simplifies the process of cutting continuous circle, saving time and effort.
  • Features a large, comfortable handle with a hole for easy storage by hanging on your kitchen wall.
  • Efficiently creates uniform dough circles for consistent results in your culinary creations.

Size: 16.7x 8.5x 6cm
Material: Stainless Steel

A Person is Cutting Dough Using Stainless Steel Dumpling Wrapper Maker.

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