Sticky Buddy Reusable Sticky Picker Upper Roller

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Easily eliminate pet hair and lint with the Sticky Buddy Reusable Sticky Picker Upper Roller. This cost-effective, eco-friendly pet hair removal roller keeps your home clean and comfortable. Say goodbye to disposable sticky paper and enjoy the convenience of this versatile lint roller.

About this Item:

  • Effortless Pet Hair Removal: The Sticky Buddy Roller swiftly captures pet hair, ensuring your clothing and furnishings stay clean and cozy.
  • Economical and Reusable: Featuring a repeated drum design, this roller eliminates the need for additional sticky paper, making it a budget-friendly, sustainable choice.
  • Versatile Cleaning Tool: Not limited to pet hair, use it on clothes, sofas, and seats to maintain a fresh living space.

Material: Plastic.
Package Includes: 1x Lint Remover, 1x Built-in Finger.

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