Switch Socket Waterproof Cover - Bathroom Splash-Proof Protector, Transparent Adhesive Box for Outlet Safety

Color: Blue Transparent
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Protect your electrical outlets with our Switch Socket Waterproof Cover. Designed for bathroom use, this transparent adhesive box ensures splash-proof protection, enhancing outlet safety and preventing water damage.

About this item:

  • Waterproof Outlet Safety: Our Switch Socket Waterproof Cover ensures a secure and splash-proof environment in bathrooms. The design allows easy access to socket plugs while providing effective protection.
  • Adhesive Box for Outlet Safety: Featuring a transparent and punch-free adhesive box, this cover offers a convenient and mark-free solution for safeguarding outlets. Perfect for bathrooms and versatile enough for various settings.
  • Outdoor Receptacle Protection: Suitable for outdoor use, this outlet protector ensures reliable weatherproofing, preventing water ingress and securing the outlet plug. A practical choice for maintaining safety in diverse environments.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: The adhesive design allows easy installation without damaging surfaces. It leaves no marks upon removal, offering a user-friendly solution for enhanced outlet safety.

Material: Plastic
Size: 10x 4.25x 11.4cm

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