Transparent Moisture-Proof Sealed Tank Storage Bucket for Rice, Grains & Cereals

Size: 15 Kg
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Keep your rice, grains, and cereals fresh and moisture-free with our Transparent Moisture-Proof Sealed Tank Storage Bucket. Say goodbye to stale pantry staples with this innovative storage solution.

About this Item:

  • Moisture-Proof Storage: Our sealed tank storage bucket keeps rice, grains, and cereals free from moisture, ensuring their freshness and taste.
  • Transparency for Easy Identification: The transparent design allows you to quickly identify the contents, making pantry organization a breeze.
  • Generous Capacity: With ample storage space, this bucket accommodates a variety of grains and cereals, reducing the need for multiple containers.

Material: PET.

5 Kg - 23.5 x 21 cm
10 Kg - 30 x 24.5 cm
15 Kg - 30 x 32.5 cm.

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