Unisex Exercise Sliding Mat, Skating Leg Core Training Glide Board for Fitness

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Elevate your fitness journey with our Unisex Exercise Sliding Mat. This versatile glide board offers an all-in-one solution for dynamic core and leg training. Shop now to achieve a balanced and coordinated workout.

About This Item:

  • All-in-One Fitness Solution: This sliding mat serves as a versatile fitness skateboard, allowing you to engage in simulated skiing, pelvic floor exercises, curling, and more, all while improving your core and leg strength.
  • Silent and Secure: Experience a secure grip with high shock absorption for quieter workouts, ensuring both safety and enjoyment.
  • Convenience and Portability: This fitness tool is perfect for home workouts and easy to transport, enabling workouts anywhere, anytime.
  • Efficient Full-Body Workouts: Leverage the power of sliding for full-body workouts that enhance muscle engagement and coordination, promoting self-cultivation.
  • Balance and Coordination Improvement: Enhance your overall body balance and coordination through balance exercises, ensuring efficient fitness and shaping.

Material: PE+PVC
Size: 50 x 180 CM

Package includes:
- Sliding Mat
- 1 Pair of Shoe Cover

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