Vaneless Hanging Neck Fan, Portable and Silent Wearable Fan For Indoor, Outdoor Use

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Vaneless Hanging Neck Fan offers portable, silent cooling for indoor and outdoor use. Wear it comfortably around your neck for hands-free cooling wherever you go. Stay refreshed and enjoy your activities without the hassle of traditional fans.

About This Item:

  • Surround Air Supply: Enjoy 360-degree cooling with surrounding airflow for consistent comfort.
  • Long Endurance: Provides extended operation time for uninterrupted cooling during your activities.
  • Light Tone and Low Noise: Operates quietly with a gentle tone, ensuring minimal disturbance to your surroundings.
  • Third Gear Wind: Adjustable settings offer three different wind speeds to suit your preference and environment.
  • Ramp Air Guide: Efficiently directs airflow for optimal cooling performance.
  • Strong Wind: Experience powerful airflow to keep you cool and refreshed, even on hot days.

Brand: Vaneless
Material: ABS
Size: 200x 250cm
Power: 7W
Weight: 230g



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