Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet 12 Pcs - Effervescent Detergent for Deep Cleaning Laundry Appliances

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Discover the power of our Washing Machine Slot Effervescent Cleaning Block for deep cleaning, eliminating peculiar smells, and providing effective sterilization and disinfection. This cleaning solution is suitable for all types of washing machines. Say goodbye to bacteria and mold growth, ensuring a fresh and hygienic laundry experience.

About this item:

  • Deep Cleaning Power: Our Effervescent Cleaning Block is formulated for deep cleaning, ensuring your washing machine remains free from residues and odors.
  • Eliminate Peculiar Smells: Bid farewell to unpleasant odors with the effective odor-eliminating properties of this cleaning block. Enjoy fresh and clean laundry every time.
  • Sterilization and Disinfection: This product goes beyond cleaning by providing sterilization and disinfection, promoting a hygienic environment for your laundry.
  • Suitable for All Washing Machines: Whether you have a wave wheel, roller, or semi-automatic washing machine, this cleaning block is compatible with various types, ensuring versatility in appliance maintenance.
  • Key ingredients: Sodium tartrate, surfactant, active enzyme preparation, cleaning factor.
    15g / Tablet
    12 tablets / Box
    Tablet Size: 2.6x 2.6cm

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