Coffee Pod Storage Rack Dispenser, Nespresso Coffee Capsule Stand For Home

Color: Black
سعر البيعQAR 65

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Maximize your coffee pod organization with our sleek rotating coffee capsule holder. This storage rack dispenser keeps your favorite Coffee Pod at your fingertips while adding a touch of modern flair to your home. 

About This Item:

  • Large capacity ( 60 pcs) for multiple users or long-term coffee needs
  • Sturdy rack easily punctures capsules and works seamlessly with coffee machines
  • Capsules are organized and easily accessible
  • Durable structure with modern design enhances room decor
  • Space-saving size fits perfectly in kitchen or office, freeing up more space

Size: 13.5x 37x 10.5cm
Material: Chrome Wire

Application Of Coffee Pod Storage Rack Dispenser.

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