Door Dust Stopper, Door Gap Cover Sealer, Twin Draft Door Guard

Color: Brown
سعر البيعQAR 15

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✅ Soundproof, insect proof, dustproof
✅ Best to prevent dust and insects entering home
✅ Quick installation
✅ Length: 1.1 Meter

Buy twin draft door guard door stopper in Qatar
Twin Draft Door Guard, Double Sided Insulator and Dust & Draft Stopper for Doors and Windows Door Gap Cover
Buy twin draft door guard door stopper in Qatar
Cold air keeps out, heat stays in with this insulating device for doors with particularly big gaps.
It's simple to install and may be used on both doors and windows.
For optimal protection, use both sides.
Dust and smells are reduced.
It's suitable for both interior and outdoor doors. Best door bottom sealer.
Twin Draft Guards are double-sided and move with the door when it opens and closes, providing double air-leak prevention.

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