Shampoo Faucet Extender Universal Rotatable Lengthening Washbasin Faucet Shower

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Upgrade your sink with our versatile Sink Faucet Sprayer. With easy installation and a multi-functional design, it's perfect for dishwashing, pet bathing, personal cleaning, and more. Enjoy a convenient and efficient cleaning experience.


About this item:

  • Simple Installation: Our Sink Faucet Sprayer comes with a faucet diverter hose and shower head holder, ensuring easy installation and instant access to a detachable hand shower head. Ideal for dishwashing, fruit rinsing, pet bathing, and personal cleaning.
  • Convenient Shower: This handy device allows you to enjoy a refreshing shower whenever you like. It offers three water modes, preventing backflow for a smooth and consistent water flow. Its compact 3-in-1 design fits various faucets.
  • Multi-Functional Sprayer: Use it as a hand shower or head massager for a spa-like experience, or switch to powerful cleaning mode for kitchen utensils and pet bathing. The long hose reaches every corner of the sink, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
Material: Brass.
Suitable for hot and cold water.

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